How do Lightwire phone lines work?

Lightwire phone lines are Voice over IP (VoIP) connections which means that the line is connected via your internet connection. 


You can use Lightwire phone lines as your primary phone; however, we recommend having a mobile phone on hand in case of power outages or emergency situations.  VoIP requires power and internet and so will not work during a power cut. 


VoIP won’t use up any data but there are calling charges outside of the local area which you can look at here. 


If you would like to port your existing number over to Lightwire, we recommend that you trial our phone service first to check that it is right for you.  Once the trial has finished and if you’re happy with the quality of the calls, we will send you out a Porting Request Form to fill and return.   


Do not disconnect your copper line as we need it to be active to port your number.  When the porting process is completely, your old line will be automatically disconnected. 


If you would like to trial a Lightwire phone line, let us know by emailing and one of our friendly team will get you sorted. 

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