Which plan is right for me?

Choosing the right data plan can be a bit tricky if you’re not sure how much data you will needluckily we can help! 
Data usage does vary depending on how you use the internet; downloading and streaming will use more data than checking emails and paying bills. 

If your home has a few people or light internet users (emails, social media, general browsing) the best plan to start on with Lightwire may be our entry-level plan which provides 150GB. 

If your family enjoys relaxing with the occasional movie on Netflix, having the kids do their schoolwork online, the 300GB plan might be a suitable option. 
For those serious data users, perhaps gamers, or for those that don't want to worry about their data usage we have the Unlimited data plan.
It may take a month or two to work out what plan is right for you but don’t worry if you start on a plan that’s not right for you; you can upgrade at any time or downgrade at the end of the month, which may also be handy for the school holidays! 

Changing your plan is easy and can be done via your online account portal. 
If you are running a business and need unlimited data, faster speeds and 24/7 support, please check out our business plans here - https://lightwirebusiness.com/wireless-internet/  

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