How do I change my wireless password?

We understand the need to change your Wi-Fi password, if perhaps you have forgotten it, if you think someone might have access to your connection, or maybe if you're just not happy with what It is currently. 

Passwords are automatically assigned during install however if you would like to change the password the easiest way is to call our friendly helpdesk team on 0800 12 13 14 who can make those changes for you or if you would like to change it yourself email us at  and we will send you out the routers log in details so you can make the change yourself. 

When picking a password, we would recommend taking note of a few things to help keep your connection more secure. 

  1. A longer password is always better, anything over 8 characters long is recommend. 
  2. Using numbers in the place of letters is also a great idea i.e. Pa55w0rd123 
  3. We would recommend avoiding simple or easy passwords like “abcd1234”, “Password” or “12345678” as these are usually the first to be tried if someone was trying to access your connection. 
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