Understanding your Invoice

We send out invoices to our customers on the first business day of the month. Our invoices have two pages; the first of which will have a summary of the invoice and statement of the account. Please check the contact details we have listed on this page to ensure that everything is up to date.

If your first invoice seems large, don’t panic! Your first invoice will include a charge for the period between when you first got connected until the end of that month, and the first invoice will also include fixed charges applied in advance for the following month.

Later invoices will have your fixed charge applied in advance, and any variable charges (if applicable) applied in arrears. The summary of the invoice will show the total amount due for the period the invoice is for. 

The due date for all invoices is the 20th of the month. A late payment fee of $17.50 will be added to any overdue invoice balances that carry over into a new month, so please ensure your account is paid in full each month.

Payment methods are referenced at the bottom of the first page (as below).


The second page of the invoice you receive will list all the services you are charged for, with all figures shown excluding GST.

Off-peak data usage and any additional data charges will be listed here as well.

If you are unsure of any items on this list or have any further questions, please email us at sales@lightwire.co.nz with your customer ID and query, and our friendly team will be in touch. 

Click here to view a sample invoice.


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