I'm moving soon, what should I do about my internet?

Moving as a current customer with Lightwire is very simple - you can book this through your online account! Log in and click Moo'ving soon and fill in your details and we will do the rest! 
If we're setting up a new connection it often takes 2-3 weeks for an installer to visit, so the sooner we know the better. 
If there is a connection already at the new property – take only your router with you – plug it in and you will be back online in no time! 
If there isn’t a connection at the new property - leave your equipment behind for the new occupant and our tech will give you a new router with your new connection.  


If you’re building a new house that is in coverage for Lightwire, our installation team can set things up ready for you to move in, provided the build has proceeded to the point where our dish can be mounted on the roof or fascia.   


Our technicians may even be able to pre-wire the connection when your electrician is pre-wiring the house to make things easier. 


If you would like us to look at installing on your new build, just let us know in advance and we will let you know what needs to be arranged. 


If you are moving and wanting to disconnect with us, we process disconnections at the end of the month to align with our billing period. You can email us at support@lightwire.co.nz and let us know when you are moving and with your new postal address and we will do the rest! 


NOTE: If you are still in contract when you move and we cannot connect you at the new house, there will be a disconnection fee based on the contract you signed up for. 
If you have further questions regarding your upcoming move, please get in touch with our Helpdesk via email at support@lightwire.co.nz 

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