I’m moving and my new house is not in coverage.

If your new address is not in coverage you will need to let us know so we can start the disconnection process.  We process all account disconnections at the end of the month so you will need to let us know in advance to get it booked in a timely manner. 

Once you are ready to move, all we ask is that you leave behind all the equipment we installed (power adapters, routers, PoE injectors, and cables). 

NOTE: If you are still in contract when you move and we cannot connect you at the new house, there will be a disconnection fee based on the contract you signed up for. 


If you are moving and would like to see if you might be in coverage you can send our lovely help desk team an email to support@lightwire.co.nz or you can follow this link: https://www.lightwire.co.nz/moving/   

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