Why is my speed fluctuating?

There are many different factors as to why connection speeds can fluctuate.  The nature of rural wireless connections is that there can be signal degradation as a result of interference, congestion, or known network events.  Once we become aware of these issues, we will let customers know and our engineering team will work quickly to resolve the problem. 

The speed can also be dependent on a number of other factors that are outside of Lightwire’s control.  For example, specific webpages or online service may be slow to load as a result of an issue on the other end.  Home networks themselves can also suffer from congestion or signal issues.  For more information on how to optimize your connection at homefollow this FAQ. 

If speed issues are consistent over a longer period of timelet us know by emailing us at support@lightwire.co.nz and our friendly team can look into your connection. 

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