Where has my data gone?

There are a number of reasons why you may have exceeded your data cap for the month. 

Data can be consumed by background programs running on any of your devices that you aren’t even aware of.  This can include automatic system updates and in some cases malware (such as viruses).  The only way to ensure zero data usage on a device is to turn the device or its network connection off when you aren’t using it. 

Another common cause can be young family members downloading large files such as movies, games, and music.  Always be wary during the school holidays if you have children in the house, especially if there are computers or gaming consoles available to them. 

Due to privacy and technical reasons, we aren’t able to collect information on device-specific usage on our end, so it’s up to you to track where and when the data is being used. 

When you are running out of data or exceeding your data limit, we will send out email notifications at 80%, 100% and for every GB after your allowance to let you know.  Please check your email junk/spam folder if you have missed out on these notifications. 

For every GB over your data limit, you will be charged $0.50 in overage charges so if you find that you are consistently going over your data limit, you can upgrade your plan using your account portal. 


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