I’m taking over an existing rural connection

If you are moving into a property that already has our equipment installed, we may be able to get you set up a bit quicker. 

Connections can degrade over time, especially if the connection has not been used for an extended amount of time. We want to make sure you are taking over a connection that is as good as if it was freshly installed. 

To know if the connection is good for takeover, we need to check the signal of the dish on your roof. If this was recorded for the people that moved out, we can get the ball rolling on getting you up and running quickly. 

If we don't have a record of the quality of the connection, we will need to check this. This may require that we send you a piece of equipment to power the radio if it has not been left behind by the last occupant. It looks like a little white or black power pack and is about the size of the palm of your hand. 

If the signal is bad, or we cannot connect to the dish, we will have to go through the normal process of doing a fresh installation. 

If you are moving into a house with an existing Lightwire connection, please contact us via email at support@lightwire.co.nz with your contact details or call us on 0800 12 13 14. 

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