I'm subdividing my property

Whether you are subdividing a small or large section it may be a requirement to gain a Letter of Confirmation from an Internet Service Provider in order to prove that telecommunication services are available, in order to meet council requirements for a new subdivision. Lightwire can arrange one of our qualified installers to scope coverage at your subdivision, and provide a letter advising the availability of telecommunications services, which will meet council requirements. 

Lots to scope 

One-off charge (incl GST) 







We will be able to check all lots at a site in a single visit. Please note that this fee applies for our visit regardless of whether coverage exists to the site; however, we will endeavour to do all possible checks prior to visiting to ensure the highest likelihood of success. We can only provide written confirmation of services using Lightwire's core network. 

Once on site our technician will qualify the connection according to our standards. If a lot fails to meet our requirements, we will also identify whether we have any other solutions to provide service. 


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