Lightwire Prepay Service Shutdown - January 1 2021

What is happening?

The Lightwire Prepay service will be shut down permanently from January 1 2021. After this date you will no longer be able to log in to the Lightwire Prepay service to access the internet.

What will happen to my top-up balances?

From November 1 2020, you will no longer be able to purchase online top-ups using a credit card, or redeem top-up voucher codes. You will have 60 days to use any remaining balance on your account before the shut down date of January 1 2021.

Why is this happening?

The Prepay service has come to the end of its useful life and is no longer commercially viable to maintain. Casual internet access is now widely accessible via mobile data or other alternatives, many of which were not available when the Prepay service was launched ten years ago.

I use Lightwire Prepay in my apartment building, how will I access the internet?

Speak to your property manager for alternative options. With the widespread availability of UFB fibre, getting an internet service hooked up from a retail service provider has never been easier.

To learn more about chosing a fibre broadband provider, see

I use Lightwire Prepay in a student accomodation building, how will I access the internet?

We are working with our remaining student accomodation partners to ensure they have an alternative solution available for internet access before the Prepay shutdown date.

I am a reseller of Lightwire Prepay topup cards, what does this mean for me?

You will be contacted directly, but you will need to stop selling any Lightwire Prepay topup cards and remove any merchandising you have on display. Any remaining card stock should be returned to Lightwire. From 1 October 2020, customers will no longer be able to redeem topup cards online.

I have more questions...

Please feel free to open a support ticket or email with your query and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.




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