Changes to Lightwire Prepay for University of Waikato users

From January 1 2020, you will no longer be able to use your University of Waikato username and password to log-in to Lightwire Prepay.

This means that if you currently log-in to Lightwire Prepay using a Waikato username, or email address that ends with "" or "", you'll need to change your username if you want to continue accessing the Lightwire Prepay service after January 1 2020.

How to change your username

  1. Send an email to from the email account associated with your Waikato address so that we can validate you as the owner of the account.
  2. In your email to us, provide us with an alternative email account to use - for example, a personal email address, like Gmail.
  3. Do not send us your current password
  4. We will then contact you at your alternative email address, to set up your new username and provide you with a new password.
  5. You can then log-in to your Lightwire Prepay account using your new username and password, and change your password if required.

When do I need to make this change?

You can email us at any time before or after January 1 2020 to make this change. However, if you have not completed the username change before January 1 2020, you will not be able to log-in to Lightwire Prepay again until you complete the change.

What will happen to my current Prepay credit?

Your Prepay credit and topups will not be affected by this change - your new username will have access to your existing credit and topups.



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