What are your account fees?

Lightwire applies some fees to cover certain situations. These fees are standard for Rural Wireless customers.

Late Payment Fee

A fee of $17.25 incl GST is charged on invoices where an overdue balance has carried over. To avoid this fee please ensure that the account is paid in full on or before the due date of the 20th of the month.

Postal Statement Charge

Lightwire's preference is to issue invoices by email in all cases. If a postal invoice is required a monthly fee of $5 incl GST is charged to cover printing and postage costs.

Early Termination Fees

Lightwire requires a six or 12 month contract term on new installations. The fees incl GST for exiting this contract early are:
  • 12-month plan early termination fees: plan cost multiplied by full billing months left in contract with a cap of $790$ incl. GST
  • 6-month plan early termination fees: plan cost multiplied by full billing months left in contract with a cap of $790$ incl. GST

After the expiry of the contract term 30 days notice applies for cancellation.

Relocation costs

If you are relocating to a new address and require installation at the new property certain fees may apply:

    • If you are currently in an existing contract term a one off fee of $490 incl GST applies to cover technician time, along with the restarting of the existing contract term.
    • If you are not currently in a contract term the installation would be completed according to our new connection contracts, ie free with a 12 month term, or at a cost of $490 incl GST with a six month term.

Technician charges

In some cases Lightwire may charge the cost of a technician visit. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Work that has been requested by the customer (for example relocating the router, reinstalling hardware after renovations);
  • Support visits where no fault is found;
  • And support visits where the technician finds that our equipment has been damaged, or the fault has been caused by third party (for example cabling being cut during renovations, chewed by an animal, or the alignment of our radio dish being affected by a third party contractor).

The visit fee is $150 incl GST.

Technician visits to repair faults with Lightwire equipment or workmanship under our responsibility are in general completed at no charge.

Additional charges

Other fees may be applied by Lightwire in other situations. These will be advised at the time.

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