Do you offer unlimited data?.

To give our awesome rural customers more flexibility and capacity when it comes to data, we’re rolling out unlimited off-peak data across our 750GB rural broadband plans. Between the hours of midnight and 6am every day of the week (or night, as the case may be), our 750GB’ers will have access to unlimited data. That gives you the chance to run your software updates, download movies or game with your friends until the early hours of the morning without chewing through your normal usage allowance.

All existing and new Lightwire customers on our 750GB plan automatically get unlimited off-peak data. It’s that simple!

Think you may like unlimited off-peak data too? If you’re a current customer, log into your account through our customer portal and upgrade your plan. It’s that easy!

If you are new to Lightwire, check to see if you are in coverage below!


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