Retiring Email Hosted by Lightwire

What date are email addresses hosted by Lightwire retiring?

Wednesday August 15th 2018 at 12 noon. If you need email forwarding set up, complete this quick form before 5pm Friday 10th August: YES, I NEED EMAIL FORWARDING

Which email domain names are retiring?

Retiring email domains include:, and

Why are emails addresses hosted by Lightwire retiring? 

Supporting email has significant operating costs and is not our core business. Our focus is on being a great internet service provider, delivering fast, reliable internet for our customers.  

What does this mean for me? 

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to set up a new email address and account, such as a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. It’s best to update all your email contacts to inform them of your new address. You may also need to update account login and contact details with different companies (e.g. Your bank, power company, Netflix). 

Can I get emails forwarded to my new email address

Yes, we can organise for any emails sent to your old email address, to be forwarded over to your new email address. If you would like us to set this up for you, please complete this form before 5pm, Friday August 10th 2018: YES, I NEED EMAIL FORWARDING

What email service do you recommend? 

At Lightwire we’re all big fans of Gmail, by Google. Firstly, it’s free, and tied into Google’s ecosystem giving you access to a huge number of tools. Their anti-spam function is world-class, and they offer a high level of security, with features like two-factor authentication. Even better, it’s not tied to an internet provider, so your email address can move with you wherever you go. 

If Gmail doesn’t seem like a great option, you could choose from Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more 

How do I keep my existing messages? 

If you use an email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird your existing email messages will be stored on your computer, even after the email retirement. 

If you use webmail, you'd want to check whether your new email supplier is able to migrate your existing inbox. Gmail has a standard process for this detailed below 

Migrating your inbox to Gmail 

You would be able to easily copy any existing messages into a new Gmail account, as long as they haven't been deleted from the No8 Wireless mail server. This way you can store all of your old messages in Gmail for later reference, while receiving new messages at your new Gmail address. 

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts and Importthen select "Import mail and contacts" 
  2. Enter youemail address undeWhaaccount do yowant to import 
  3. You'll be asked for some extra details. Enter your email password in the top box, your full email address in the POP username, and the server address "" under POP server. Click edit next to Port, and change that to 995. Click continue, and gmail will log into your existing email address to start pulling over your existing inbox. This may take some time depending on the number of messages in the inbox.
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