How can I find my exact location?

From time to time our coverage tools don't accurately locate road addresses. When this happens it's helpful to send us through the latitude and longitude for your house or building so we can check if you are likely to be in coverage or not.

Here are the steps to find your location on a variety of devices.

Android Phone / Google Maps Mobile App

  1. Open the google maps app
  2. Make sure Satellite view is turned on

From here you will need to locate your house. If you have Location services active on your device it should take you to the correct location. Once you've found your house on the map take the following steps.

  1. Tap and hold on your building
  2. On most devices you can see the Latitude and Longitude in the search bar. You can just copy this text to us
  3. Otherwise tap on the address in the bottom bar
  4. Then either tap the share button and send to or tap the location code to copy it to your clipboard

If your house doesn't show with an address use the below image as a reference but the steps are the same.


iPhone Maps

  1. Tap and hold to place a pin
  2. Swipe up on the location bar
  3. Take a note of the Latitude and Longitude and send them through to us at


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