My internet is not working - what can I do?

If you are having trouble connecting to the Internet there are a number of simple checks that you can try before contacting our support team.

Cannot connect to wifi?

Can you see the "WLAN" light on or flashing on your router/modem? If it is off, this means the wifi is not turned on. To turn this on, there should be a WLAN button on the side or back of your router to turn it on.

If the WLAN light is on, can you see the name of your wifi on your wireless devices? If you can't see the wifi name, try restarting the router, as well as your devices having an issue.


Connected to wifi, but cannot access internet?

Is the "Internet" and "WAN" lights on or flashing on your router? If both of these are not on, then you will not have internet access.

If the WAN light is not on, there is an issue between the router and the radio on the roof. Make sure that there is a cable plugged into the WAN slot on the back of your router (may also be called Internet). This cable should connect to a black box that powers the radio on the roof. Make sure that the cable that comes from the radio is also plugged into this black box. Make sure this black box has a power light shining on it.

If the WAN light is flashing, but there is no internet light on, try restarting the router and the dish (turn the black box off and back on).


Are all devices having issues?

Wherever possible, make sure you test the connection on more than one edge device. In some cases there will be a specific device (PC / tablet / smartphone) that has it's own problem and that has nothing to do with the internet connection. Try restarting the device. If this does not fix the issue, you may need to consult your IT professional.


None of these tests have helped. What do I do?

Do NOT try 'resetting' your devices unless instructed to do so by our support team. This normally involves sticking a pin into a small reset hole on the back of a device. This is different to simply powering your device off and on again.


If you are still unable to connect to the internet on any of your devices, please take note of the lights that are active and inactive on the Lightwire equipment. 

With this information on hand please contact our team on or call 0800 12 13 14

Please include as much information as you can to help our team resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

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  • Avatar
    TJ Dalton

    Hi, our internet has been regularly disconnecting itself as does our phoneline and we think the 2 problems are caused by the same issue. This has been happening since we got connected to the Lightwire network. Lightwire is looking at the phone network but we need you to look at internet also as we are paying for this and you can't supply what we are paying for. Please contact me urgently to resolve this issue. 0272378680 Regards. Trev Dalton

  • Avatar
    Sean Williams

    Hi Trev, I'm sorry to hear this. I have created a ticket in our system for this and will make sure somebody picks it up.

  • Avatar
    John and Courtney Thomson

    Is internet down for the tauhei area and why dont you have an after hours number so I can check this?

  • Avatar
    John and Courtney Thomson

    Is internet down for the tauhei area and why dont you have an after hours number so I can check this?