How do I cancel my service?

If you are wanting to cancel your Lightwire service, this can be for a couple of reasons:

a) You are moving address 

If you are moving address, it is possible that we can reconnect you at the new address. This is the case for both rural and business connections. Please let us know as soon as you are planning on moving, and we can advise if we can reconnect you at the new address. You can register your move online at or email us at or call 0800 12 13 14.

As a side note - if you are moving out of a rural address we would appreciate if you can pass on our contact details to the new tenants so we can get them connected.


b) You are not happy with the service 

We're sorry to hear this and would like to ensure we have done everything possible to resolve the issue. Please email us on or call us on 0800 12 13 14 with a description of the issue you have been having.

If you have already done the above and are not satisfied with the response or resolution - please explain this to our customer care team and ask to speak to the on duty manager. 


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