Can I pay my account by Direct Debit?

Yes, direct debit is our preferred payment method.

  1. Download and complete the Direct Debit authorisation form below. 
  2. Return to us by email to - tip: you can take a photo of the completed form and attach to email if you don't have a scanner. Please include your customer ID in the email, which can be found on your invoice.
  3. We will process your direct debit application and confirm by return email.

Things you need to know about direct debit:

  • By completing and returning the direct debit form, you are authorising Lightwire to collect payment from your nominated bank account automatically.
  • Direct debits are generally processed on the 10th of the month - the exact date will be shown on the invoice you receive on the first business day of each month.
  • If you have a current outstanding invoice at the time you send in your direct debit authorisation, you will need to make a one-off manual payment by internet banking before the invoice is due. New direct debit authorisations take effect from your next invoice.
  • You can cancel your direct debit authorisation by emailing us at
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