What's involved with the installation?

Once you have signed up for our rural service, a field technician will contact you shortly after to confirm a time to visit and perform the installation. The lead time depends on current install queue length. A customer care rep can advise you of the current lead times.

Once the technician is on site, they will test the signal quality to any available towers that have line of sight to your house's rooftop. If this fails, they will advise you of this and that they will report back to the customer care team. A customer care rep will follow this up with a phone call to you to inform of any alternative options that may be available.

If the technician finds a good strong signal to a tower they will consult with you as to where the wireless receiver will be placed on the rooftop, where cables will run and where your router will be placed.

Once you have agreed with the installation plan, the technician will carry out the required work. Once the installation is completed, they will test the service and give you a quick walk through of how to use the new service.


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