What's involved with fibre installation?

Once you have ordered your fibre connection, Lightwire will request a connection date with Ultrafast Fibre. Installation will take place over three visits to your house, two of which require you to be home.

Visit 1:

An Ultra Fast Fibre, Chorus, or Enable Networks installer will contact you at least four days before the expected connection date to confirm the timeframe for installation at your place.

You will need to allow 4 hours for this visit and you are required to be at the premises.

A qualified technician visit at the agreed time to scope the internal requirements for your fibre installation, and will discuss with you the following options:

  • How the fibre will be installed from the boundary to your premise. This will be either aerial or underground. For residential connection, we will always look to use the same method of connection as your power line feed into the house.
  • Location of the fibre exit points on the inside and outside of your premise.
  • Location of internal equipment, e.g. by the TV, comms cabinet, or other place near a power point.
  • How the internal fibre will be fastened to the surface of a wall; hidden in the ceiling; or under your floor.
  • How the external fibre will be fastened to the wall; hidden in a purpose made enclosure; or surface mounted.

Visit 2:

A civil installation crew will visit your property and install ducting and fibre from your boundary to the previously agreed location where your connection will enter your premise.

You are not required to be at the premises as all work is external for this part of the installation 

The installation will be carried out using the most appropriate method. Common methods are to either:

  • Drill underground towards your premise (minimum disruption).
  • Trench towards your premise (more disruption).
  • If possible, use an existing duct.

Visit 3:

Your new service is ready to go! A technician will come to your premise to test and commission your new fibre service.

You will need to allow up to 1 hour for this visit and you are required to be on site. Once the fibre service is commissioned, Lightwire can then set up your router to get you online.

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